After chap 1, now we give you more detailed information to help you to upgrade the strength of the heroes.

Priority list of the items:

  • Commander’s seal
  • Copper coin: accumulated as much as possible, this is an item needed for all activities in the game
  • Training troop tutorial
  • Equipment to…

MyMasterWar is a strategy game about the Three Kingdoms period and the gameplay is not easy for newbies. So we will produce a series to guide you as well as share the experiences of other players. It will help you to optimize your strength and get your profit easier.

  1. Let’s…

To make the mortal arena more attractive, in this version 1.1.1 we will focus on updating this fuction

  1. Add the item “Life Key” to join the challenge:

In order to challenge the stage in mortal arena, in addition to owning the NFT hero, the player needs to own the item…

Thank over 120,000 users for always supporting My Master War. To celebrate a new year with many interesting things, we will reveal to you some information about the new milestones of project’s roadmap in 2022


  • Multi-language version upgraded with many different languages.
  • Official release of iOS version.
  • Build the…

On December 20th, for giving more detailed information to players about the big update. We held an AMA at Discord Channel. In the AMA, we received a lot of interesting questions around the update and Masaki — CMO of MyMasterWar answered all those questions.

1. How many types of transactions…

After the big update, we’ve received quite a bit of feedback from the community about the game’s rewards. To ensure balance for all players, in this version we will make detailed adjustments as follows:

1. Arena:

Increase the number of MAT Token in the reward by 270%

  • Top 1: increase…

Lu Bu fought three elites at Hu Lao Pass,
Against the Cao’s army, Lu Bu fought six generals alone

And now he will be reappeared in-game with an equally strong image
🦄This GOD OF WAR is suitable for those who love to build a squad around the cavalry, strong rival with any others squads.
🔥In addition to the overwhelming stats, comprehensive defense, and attack, the rarity of LuBu is also a thing for you to quickly own it
🎁Only open for sale on special occasions, if you’re late just a second, you’ll miss him a lifetime

✅Lu Bu’s Skills
👹Extinction of God and Demon Deal damage and knock up all enemies on full map
⚔️Peerless Strike Repels enemy around itself and knockbacks enemy

✊Pick him up and build a strong tactical squad


MyMasterWar is a DeFi x NFT gaming ecosystem, with the Free Play to Earn and Profit Sharing model

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