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We are super thrilled to share that MyMasterWar, the unique DeFi x NFT and free play-to-earn gaming platform, is taking rapid and successful strides towards its mission. On our journey to allow gamers/fans to unlock the full potential of DeFi x NFT gaming through our traditional gaming platform…

We are super thrilled to welcome you to the gamified MyMasterWar Testnet, an opportunity to let you imagine and experience the best gaming set in the Medieval Ages and the Future. Play to earn and become our early MyMasterWar Warriors, who will access our internal test network.

Apply Now to…

MyMasterWar is excited to announce our strategic partnership with DAOMaker, the go-to platform for retail ventures investing in equity and tokens.

Our team continues to make significant strides towards our milestones to help build the framework for MAT’s future success.

MyMasterWar team prides itself on our high standards. Therefore, we…

We are glad to announce with the community about our official strategic partnership with Morningstar Ventures, a venture capital firm with vast experience in the blockchain space.

With its great connections in fintech, Morningstar Ventures will be able to nurture and push MyMasterWar forward in its early-stage growth, also introducing the new crypto startup to its own extensive network.

MyMasterWar and Morningstar Ventures share a common vision for the future of blockchain and digital assets and are excited to work together in unraveling the next market leader in the space.

About MyMasterWar

MyMasterWar is a series of different game scenarios and applies a free play-to-earn and profit-sharing model. The game’s most distinguishing feature is that players do not have to spend any money when first playing.

Learn more about MyMasterWar:

My Master War is happy to welcome the newest strategic investor Animoca Brands! Animoca Brands is known as a leader in digital entertainment, blockchain, and gamification. We believe that Animoca Brands will be a crucial supporter and partner, thanks to their precious experience in developing and publishing a broad portfolio…

MyMasterWar is a DeFI x NFT gaming ecosystem with the difference that blockchain technology is applied to the game along with the Free Play to Earn and Profit Sharing model.

HUB Global and mentors Trung Nguyen CEO Axie Infinity, Loi Luu Co-founder Kyber Network, Long Vuong Founder Tomochain, Henry Tran…


MyMasterWar is a DeFi x NFT gaming ecosystem, with the Free Play to Earn and Profit Sharing model

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