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A blockchain wallet is a must-have tool for any cryptocurrency investor or Web3 enthusiast interested in interacting with decentralized applications, purchasing non-fungible tokens (NFTs), or holding cryptocurrencies. However, web3 is still a confusing term for most people. It’s difficult to explain what web3 is and the MAMA wallet was born to do that.


MAMA wallet is a product of MyMasterWar. It is intended to link products in the ecosystem together, while providing a gateway for users to access web3 easily, especially in the gamefi, defi and socialfi industry. The following is the function list of MAMA wallet:

For Web3 users using MAMA wallet:

  • Securely store, send and receive digital assets including the native coin and token from popular blockchain platforms such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB chain, Pokadot, Solana …• Dapp browser for interacting with Dapp securely and easily
  • Bridge and Swap token of multiple networks
  • Display and visualize Non-fungible Token (NFT) assets by gamefi, socialfi, defi,… collections
  • Built-in stake pools and liquidity pools of some tokens depend on project networks.
  • Fiat to coin and coin to fiat by p2p and OTC mechanism
  • Lightweight and user-friendly UI/UX

For projects cooperating with MAMA wallet:

  • Allows priority display of NFT collections of Gamefi, Socialfi, Defi,… projects in partnership with MAMA Wallet
  • Integrate Marketplace for NFT directly in the wallet, especially for GameFi, Socialfi, Defi projects…
  • Support partners with integrated Stake or Add Liquidity Pool mechanisms for some tokens depending on the project networks


  • MAMA wallet is the non-custodial wallet that follows BIP-44 (Multi-Account Hierarchy for Deterministic Wallets), BIP-32, and BIP-39 architectures
  • Most current crypto wallets are optimized to display the ERC-20 token types only, MAMA wallet has options that allow users to add NFT contracts to their wallets and display NFT items that users have.
  • MAMA wallet has High-level architecture
  • MAMA wallet has perfect wallet security

MAMA WALLET’S TOKENOMICS: $MAMA token in MAMA wallet can be used for:

  • Paying for listing tokens on wallet
  • Buying/selling NFT items on marketplace
  • Staking
  • Voting

MAMA wallet is developed and led by an experienced team. The team is also working in the MyMasterWar ecosystem.
For more details:

MAMA WALLET wallet is now available on Google Play.

This is version 1 of the wallet and will continue to be optimized in the near future. Your support and feedback will be the motivation for us to develop the product.

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