Newbie tutorial — Chapter 5

3 min readFeb 16, 2022

After many parts talking about support generals in the early game and generals with good resistance in the game My Master War, today we will come to the generals who have never stopped being hot at My Master War. Here are the generals that will gradually replace the blue support champions in the early game, so what are those champions?

  1. Diao Chan:

A character that no one does not know when it comes to the Three Kingdoms series and at My Master War she is also one of the indispensable purple generals in her squad with 2 skills both disable enemies and increase attack power for allies.

  • Skill 1: Average casting rate, dealing 110% wide area damage, enemies within range are enchanted for 5 seconds (5s stun)
  • Skill 2: Average casting rate, increase all nearby allies’ ATK by 15% for 5s.

With the first skill Diaochan can stun the enemy for 5 seconds (in reality 5 seconds is not much, but in a fight between 2 players this can decide the whole game), especially this ability is only owned by Diaochan and currently there is no champion with a 5 second stun like Diaochan. Accompanied by the skill to support generals, allied soldiers increase their attack by 15%, with 2 versatile skills as above, Diaochan deserves to be the purple wizard general you should have after moving to the middle of the game.

  • Recommended Rune: 75%Soldier Rune (soldier), 25% Attack Rune (attack).

Note: When using Diaochan, if you are lucky enough to own this girl in the early game, do not rush to upgrade her to 3 star right away. It is true that she is very strong but with the second skill, this skill will not be suitable for low levels because at this stage attack stat is very low, so the increase of 15% is not significant. We need to utilize resources wisely to upgrade other powerful generals.

2. Gou Jia:

A military advisor of the Three Kingdoms War, and he was the companion of Cao Cao who unified the North. Many history documents claim that he was talented in stratagem and foresight. In My Master War, he is also one of the schemers who are compared to Diaochan with 2 skills that cause wide-range freezing, so Gou Jia is also an indispensable purple general in your squad.

  • Recommended Rune: In this champion, you’ll need to focus a lot on damaging skills, because his resistance is very poor. There are 2 options available for you depending on the playstyle of each person.
  • Tank: If you are someone who likes to use melee champions to carry the team, then the runes to increase Gou Jia’s survivability is very necessary. The longer this general lives, the more he will be able to control the opponent squad: 50% Dodge Rune , 50% HP Rune .
  • Dame: If you are a fan of combat tactic with the key generals who are mage or archer, then head for this rune construction: 60% Attack Rune, 40% Speed Rune (those runes will help your champion increase attack speed, movement)

Note: with Gou Jia, we must try to upgrade this champion to 3 stars as soon as possible, because if you want to optimize the skill to control the opponent’s team, you have to unlock the 2nd skill of Gou Jia.

Two generals are suitable for any lineup. Currently when talking about controlling the opponent’s team, only Diaochan and Gou Jia are the most effective. There are no purple generals that can replace these 2 generals in the controlling team. In the next part, we will reveal to player the last mage that many players want to get, and show the way to get Cao Cao.

Hope you complete your desired lineup soon.




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