3 min readFeb 18, 2022


We received many feedbacks from community, so in this version, we focus on adjusting the balance of daily quests and runes.

1.About daily quests:

1.1 Adjust the number of bonus milestones, points required and rewards of bonuses

  • The number of bonus milestones: from 3 into 5 milestones
  • Point Required:

+Milestone 1: 270 points

+Milestone 2: 540 points

+Milestone 3: 810 points

+Milestone 4: 1080 points

+Milestone 5: 1350 points

  • Rewards:

+Milestone 1: 16 $MAT

+Milestone 2: 20 $MAT

+Milestone 3: 24 $MAT

+Milestone 4: 30 $MAT

+Milestone 5: 50 $MAT

1.2. Adding VIP4 to the conditions for rewarding activity points: After having reached enough points to receive rewards in the daily quest function, players must reach VIP 4 to claim rewards.

1.3. More conditions for refreshing points and rewards: After receiving the full bonus rewards of daily quest, players have to self-refresh the function to back the reward points from the beginning. The more you refresh, the more golds must be paid:

  • 1st time: 170 golds
  • 2nd time: 330 golds
  • 3rd time: 660 golds
  • 4th time: 1320 golds
  • From 5th to over: 2640 golds

2.About runes
Considering the stat information as well as some suggestions from the players, we will adjust the bonus stats of speed and epic rune that include speed stat

  • White rune: from 5% to 1%
  • Green rune: from 10% to 2%
  • Blue rune: from 12% to 3.5%
  • Purple rune: from 15% to 5.5%
  • Epic rune: from 10% to 4%

Players who are using and have upgraded rune with speed stat will receive compensation gifts corresponding to 50% of rune and 100% of copper for upgrading rune.

For epic runes with the speed stat will be compensated by 25% of the upgraded rune. (This compensation is an additional rune, removing rune will still be returned and the player will receive the above compensation)

Compensation will be sent directly via ingame mail




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