1 min readJun 20, 2022

“We have some updates for the MMW ranking season 2, as well as releasing many new things in this version. Read now for more details”

1- Update MMW Ranking season 2

- Mechanism of finding opponents: Change from “player chooses opponents” to “automatically find opponents
- Point: Begin from 0 point
- Formula for calculating points: The points that the winner received are more than the points that the loser was minus. (The old mechanism is that how many points the loser loses the winner will receive the same number of points)
- Adjust the crystal bonus:
+ Win: Reduced from 200 -> 100
+ Lose: Reduced from 100 -> 50
- Season rewards:
+ Increase the $MAT bonus for players who buy a lot of gold tickets and challenge tickets
+ Change rewards to the chest of treasure pieces and chests of gold rune piece
+ Increase the amount of black iron reward
+ Rewards of rankings have been changed (you can read details in-game)

2- Unlock level 150
3- Update gold equipment, gold treasure, gold rune
4- Release 2 new GOD.Heroes Lu Xun and Lu Meng
5- Add 5 Zhuge Liang and 10 Lu Bu to the swapping pool




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