MyMasterWar Receives Strategic Investment from Morningstar Ventures

We are glad to announce with the community about our official strategic partnership with Morningstar Ventures, a venture capital firm with vast experience in the blockchain space.

With its great connections in fintech, Morningstar Ventures will be able to nurture and push MyMasterWar forward in its early-stage growth, also introducing the new crypto startup to its own extensive network.

MyMasterWar and Morningstar Ventures share a common vision for the future of blockchain and digital assets and are excited to work together in unraveling the next market leader in the space.

About MyMasterWar

MyMasterWar is a series of different game scenarios and applies a free play-to-earn and profit-sharing model. The game’s most distinguishing feature is that players do not have to spend any money when first playing.

Learn more about MyMasterWar:

MyMasterWar is a DeFi x NFT gaming ecosystem, with the Free Play to Earn and Profit Sharing model